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[PL/BU] Divinity Dragon Commander v1.0.40 - FLTDOX

[PL/BU] Divinity Dragon Commander v1.0.40 - FLTDOX

[ITC] [PL/BU] Divinity Dragon Commander v1.0.40 - FLTDOX

 Update Notes:

Release 1.0.40

- Major change: Return to lobby after game
- Major change: performance on raven for dualcore  systems
- Icon distance multiplier available in options menu
- Several achievement fixes
- Transporters did not pick-up units when in kamikaze mode
- You can not create combat units anymore when you have retreated
- Charming back a unit is now possible
- Mines should explode once fuse is lit
- Close chatlog when ending combat
- Remove speed from immobile units
- Fix for units remaining after surrender
- Protect while cloaked fixed
- All bombardment should be on the ground
- Kamikaze Friendly Fire fixed
- Air turret got a reveal button
- Fix for kamikaze transport targetting air units
- Show aura skills correctly in loadout screen
- Restealth after transitioning to/from beetle
- Unit selection sounds when boxselecting
- Expanded description for battleship order imp fighter
- Fix for flares not stopping vertical bullets
- Beetles can be slowed down & speed tooltip update
- Custom campaign level pool fixed
- AI Fixes when loading the game (difficulty)
- Tooltip info in dragon loadout
- Drop down has been disabled for teams in custom campaign
- Several graphics settings don't require a restart when altering them
- Cam returns back to original position after going over a mountain
- Several AI improvements (in combat and strategy phase)
- Dialog fix (swapped 2 nodes for Oberon)
- Several UI updates

[ITC] [PL/BU] Divinity Dragon Commander v1.0.40 - FLTDOX
[ITC] [PL/BU] Divinity Dragon Commander v1.0.40 - FLTDOX

OS:Windows 7 SP1
Processor:Intel i5 2400
Memory:4 GB RAM
Graphics:NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 550 ti 1GB ram or or ATI™ Radeon™ HD 6XXX
Hard Drive:30 GB HD space
Sound:DirectX9c compliant, 5.1 surround sound
Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection

Release name: Divinity_Dragon_Commander_v1.0.40-FLTDOX
Size: 25.97 MB

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[ITC] [PL/BU] Divinity Dragon Commander v1.0.40 - FLTDOX

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