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Battlefield 2 - Project Reality - PC Game - Download MF

Battlefield 2 - Project Reality - PC Game - Download MF

With the basic objective is to strengthen the team play with true experience in the game, Project reality is one of the fans of this series shows his love for shooting game classic .

Although dating from 2005, Battlefield 2 retains a crowd of players. Until last year, the new EA officially stopped supporting this game in version 1.5. However, this only makes fans spend more effort to create new content for the game, and reality resulting from Project Black Sand Studio. This mod has an important correction of physical interaction, visual effects, sound quality and many other significant changes in gameplay. Parallel to these changes, the development team has created more new faction in the game including the Royal army, rebel uprising, Israel Defense Forces (IDF force), and a few other forces from Canada and Russia.
The game has three main game modes: Assault, Insurgency and Training. Assault is the basic mode of game play, which will have two teams fighting over a certain battle to prove his strength. Isurgency is a strategy game for both teams as well, a role in defense and attack. In the role of defense, you will play the terrorists from the Middle East, or some group other armed rebellion. Meanwhile, the attacking team, you will be the U.S. Marine Corps forces, the British armed forces or the regular army of Russia. The mission of the attackers is occupied by the defending outposts, destroying vital military equipment and, if possible, to exploit local informant there.
Section Trainning reproduce or Insurgency Assault player, but more simple way to help you practice the skills needed for this player include the ability to use military weaponry on the battlefield, some strategy basic while playing ... If you are a new player, this is the part that you take some time to visit if you do not want to burden the team on the battlefield.
In terms of graphics, as evaluated from the players, Project reality is considered to have advantages Vietnamese quality graphics among the mod has been created for Battlefield 2. Management function in-game graphics are pretty neat implementation, regardless of graphics settings on the player how the system will not lag or shock. The quality movement, design screens, fire effects ... are made to the game and to bring closer to the quality standards of today.
Sound in the game is nothing despicable. Black Sand Studio has been every effort to sound and music of their candles. The tracks in the Project are very attuned to reality gaming experience and contributed to the flourishing of the interesting moments. Sound effects too. You can feel the vitality of the forest, the sound of sand in the desert or language maps crunch of leaves in the forests. We can say, this is one of the rare Duo mod the downhill improve both the graphics and sound at this level.
Project reality have some good gameplay elements and attractive. As the name Reality, the character will bleed when shot stick like the game was born later. The new interface requires you to pay attention to the amount of bullets fired by the system does not show how many band members, no more grenades to be thrown rampant as before. The military machine is reduced destructive power, but with the small amount of ammunition that you will have to make, they are the true savior in difficult situations. If you want to become a reality hands Rambo, the Project is not clear to the mod for you. Gameplay in this version completely focused on a key ally. Without this, you are nothing but a moving target to kill in battle. Fortunately, the solution of the multiplayer mode of the Black Sand proved quite effective, and you can enjoy a fairly comfortable game.
How to evaluate the performance of the players have changed, mainly to serve the interest of gamers. The number of enemies you kill now will no longer be considered unique index to rank as the original version. Instead, the more complex achievements such as the number of team support, ability to survive in the battlefield, the effectiveness of radiation technology ... Each group will have a commanding officer, who will be equipped with separate tool allows him to perform his role, including an ambush marked the location for the team, ensuring the coordination between each member of the building to locate military buildings, such as underground individual system barbed wire, machine gun placement ...
These are great addition, but even the big game in FPS development should also keep an eye over a little bit if they want a game with outstanding quality. Size matters except your mod is not very modest, remaining in the game the other editing and quality are very significant. Such capacity is perfectly reasonable if you want to enjoy new experiences for their favorite titles.
System Requirements
OS: Windows XP / Vista
Chip: Pentium 4@1.8 GHz / Athlon XP 2400 +
Ram: 512 MB ​​(1 GB for Vista)
Hard Drive: 1.77 GB + free
Video Memory: 128 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 6600/ATI Radeon X800)
Sound: DirectX compatible
DirectX: 9.0c

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